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Compare Squad Factions

– Description:

The HotBot Command squads is a system that allows you to quckly compare squads/factions, that is usable in conjunction with all compare commands [compare, guildcompare, ga, gacurrent, etc.].

– Any statistic of your roster that is the best compared to the other players being compared with are highlighted in green.

– Any statistics of the other players that are better than yours are highlighted in red.

– Gold / Silver / Bronze stars are used to identify the players with the best, second best, and third best of that particular statistic across all compared players.

– Players who are already registered with HotBot may be identified by their Discord tag instead of their ally code.

– Patreon Access:Public/Patreon

– Command Syntax:

ga <Squad Name> <Squad Name>

– Command Options:

squads – List squads (both system and personal)

addsquad – Add a personal squad definition

removesquad – Deletes a personal squad definition

clearsqauds – Clear all personal squad definitions

– Examples:

ga sithempire jedi

– Screenshots:

– Frequently Asked Questions?

– Are there any limitations with this function?

• A maximum of 15 characters can be personally added.

• Non-Patreon users are limited to 1 comparison per day.

– What are some common issues you might experience trying to use this function?

• You will receive an error if you try and add too many characters.

• You can potentially see your previous GA opponent(s) in the compare if using the patreon function; if this happens add update after the command syntax.

• By default profiles are allowed to grow until they are 24 hours old.

The update directive will ensure it is current and straight from CG servers.

– What is the command syntax prefix?

• On the HotUtil Discord Server it is $; on outside channels it defaults to !, but can be changed by using the command syntax followed by hotprefix followed by the symbol you want to utilize (I.E. – !hotprefix %).

• If performing any function within a DM window with the bot, no command function syntax is required. Certain functions are unable to be performed in a DM.

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