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Getting Started

In this guide I’m going to explain how you can get HotBot setup once you become a Patreon. I’ll try to add alot of visual examples to make it clear where to go at what stage.

Here’s also a short preview of what the tool has to offer as a patreon:


First, you will need to Register your ally code with the bot: To start using the bot you need to make sure your allycode is registered to your discord tag. To do this you can enter the command “$register allycode” on the hotutils discord server(If you don’t know how to find your ally code click here external link). Join Hotutils discord server here! Below you’ll find an example of how you would get confirmation on your registry

Become a Patreon

Becoming a patron and connecting to discord: To use most of hotbot’s functionality you will need to become a patron. More information on the differences in subscription can be found on the pages below:

Once you are a patron you will get the option in the patreon dashboard to connect to Discord. It will show as follows

Check the bot to confirm subscription: With all of above done you can now check if you have done it correctly 🙂 To do this you can go to the channel you have installed the bot in and where the bot has permissions to read and write or you can go to hotutils discord server to the test commands channel. In this channel you can enter the command $identify ( or \identify if your using the boba’s server ) and it would show you your name, account and current subscription


Connecting to HotUtils

There are several connection methods to HotUtils, the most secure and reliable way is through facebook. But connections can also be made through Game Center and Google Play. For additional instrucions submit a ticket here.

Logging in to hotutils.com for the first time.

Step 1: Make sure you’ve registered and identified with the bot.

Step 2: Go to hotutils.com and click “Login in with Google” and choose the account associated with your game.

Step 2b: If the previous step produces any error, please submit a ticket here, this means you’ll require additional assistance before you can get setup.

Step 3: Enjoy your new tools!

Hosting HotBot

Get the bot invited to your server: (If it’s not already installed) To get the bot invited you will need administrator permissions on the discord server. Inviting the bot can be done with this link

You will need to choose the server on which the bot will be installed. See the screenshot below for an example

Important: Regarding prefix 

The bots default prefix will be ! not $ as it is here. If you have Administrator or Manage Server/Channel permissions, the bot will respond to a !hotprefix command where you can specify whatever new prefix you would like. For example: !hotprefix $ Please contact support if you have any troubles with the !hotprefix process. The permissions the bot will require to support all features is: read/send/send file/embed/reactions

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