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BETA: the $toon command can be used to report on a player or players units in detail. The basic command usage is $toon <Optional AllyCode or @DiscordUser> Unit1 Unit2 Unit3 …Note: If you are struggling with the names/abbreviations of toons, use $searchtoons command. Example: $searchtoons darth to list any toon with darth in the name and all available abbreviations. The simplest example of this would be to generate a report on your own Darth Revan.
$toon DR

Note: You can specify multiple units, you can tag other players, and if you tag multiple people or multiple ally codes, it runs in a comparison mode with stat highlighting. Here is a multi-toon, multi-player example:$toon @HotsaΔce @twostepSA DR BSF Malak

Restrictions: Due to the size of these images, running the full image toon reports is restricted to a maxim of 10 images currently.

Final note: There is an optional simple command that will only render character portraits of whatever is specified. In this mode, you can have up to 25 images currently.

$toon @HotsaΔce @twostepSA @Strange DR BSF Malak SM SithTrooper simple
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