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LD: Stat Weights

Stat weights are used to automate a units mods. These weights should mirror those in Grand Ivory (the most common public mod optimizer). When editing stat weights, a preview of the results will appear along with the weights.

HotUtils default stat weigths are sourced by taking averages of some of the top guilds in the game. This data is gathered and updated on an occasional basis.


  • Revert – roll back to the last saved unit settings (when they clicked the check mark). This does not revert back to the units “default” settings if the checkbox was marked for that unit. This button can be used if you have ben moving the stat targets to preview the result and want to revert back to saved values.
  • Set Default – takes the current settings and saves them as “default”. Any time a new session is created, the unit will use this settings as default. ** Note: opening an existing loadout that contains existing targets will be used instead of defaults. In order to restore all units to defaults click the reset button on the main page.
  • Remove Default – removes your user configured default settings and fall back to HotUtil default settings.
  • Automate – automate mods for the current unit.


  • Advanced – allows the user to set stat weights to advanced values similar to Grand Ivory (not needed for a typical user).
  • Zero – sets all stat weights to zero.


This preview displays the score a given set, primary and perfect secondary roll would give for the players unit. This can be used to get a general sense of what may result from automation. Two piece sets (health, critical chance, potency, defense and tenacity) display the score value for completing two sets, to make them comparable to four piece sets.

These scores are specific the players character and will change as the characters gear level increases. For instance, as a character goes from relic 0 to relic 7, their base health will increase and therefore a health set will result in a higher score. Since speed does not increase from relic 0 to relic 7, a speed score will not change.

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