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Loadout Definitions

Traditional loadouts contain a set of units and their mod assignments. With the introduction of Playground V2, we have added the concept of a loadout defintion. If the loadout is built with playground, the loadout will contain a copy of the following meta-data within the loadout:

  • Stat Weights – what stats to prioritize for each unit and by how much
  • Stat Targets – target stats the unit needs to achieve to be in compliance with the loadout definition
  • Set Restrictions – which sets the unit is required and allowed to equip.
  • Primary Restrictions – which primaries the units are allowed to equip
  • Unit Prioritization – ordered list of which units to receive the best mods first.

Storing this information in the loadout will allow users to re-optimize their loadouts as their mod depth grows. Information like turn order, minimum health, etc will be retained in the loadout, so remods can retain the core information.

Since loadout definitions are not entirely specific to a players roster, they can be exported and shared with other users.

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