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Manual Unit Moding

Playground offers the ability to manually assign units mods. The manual mod editing can be accessed by clicking on the units visible mod set in Advanced or Basic Mode. In basic mode, click the edit icon, then click the mods on the mods tab. In advanced mod, the units mod set will display in the main view. The view differs slightly between mobile and desktop. Mobile users are able to switch between sections by swiping left and right.


  • Lock – after finding an appropriate mod set, click the lock button to assign the mods to the character. Locking mods on a character will ensure that they are not used by any other character during automation. Locking mods does not permanently lock those characters mods (this differs from Grand Ivory) and only locks the mods for the current modding session.
  • Automate – based on the weights and targets set in the stat definition, attempts to find the strongest matching mod set
  • Undo – will revert the mods selected during this manual modding session. Note: if you click the lock button, this will revert to the mods that were selected when lock was clicked.
  • Import Set – import set allows you to import a mod set from another character in game or in another loadout. Say you are creating a loadout for a character that you know needs very high health and your General Grievous has a great health set on in game. You can import the set he currently has equipped in game into the mod editor and use that.
    NOTE: Importing sets ignores locked mods, so may steal mods from characters that are already modded.
  • Left\Right arrows – will advance to the next unit in the visible list
  • Filter – Mods can be filtered by type by clicking the filter button. The filter button is highlighted if a filter is currently set. Unlike in game, the mod editor filter allows the user to specify primary types per slot.
  • Toggle – will simulate mods as if they were SixE. This will allow you to see stats if the mod was sliced. Note – this does not simulate addition rolls, it only simulates the visible rolls stat gains.
  • Sort Select – will sort the mods by the selected field. Several sort options are available in Mod Editor that are not available in game – namely allowing the user to sort my applied stats. For instance “Offense Total” will compute the bonus from both % offense and flat offense and sort the mods by the greatest effect.

Mod Set

  • The currently selected mods as displayed horizontally across the top of the mod editor. The portraits displayed next to the mods are display the character those mods are currently assigned to in game.
  • Mods with a yellow background are changed from in game
  • Mods with a gold border, are simulated as six E

Mod List

  • A list of all available mods are displayed for the user to select. Clicking on the mod will assign the mod to the unit you are modding.
  • Mods with a yellow background are either locked, or currently assigned to a character higher in the priority order then the current character.
  • Mods with a grey background are not able to be equipped by the character. These are often six E mods for a character that is not gear 12 yet.
  • Mods can be sliced by clicking on the mod and clicking the Manage button at the bottom of the screen.
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