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Playground – FAQ

  • How do I edit my stat weights?
    • In advanced desktop view, click the unit portrait. In mobile or basic view, click the edit icon under the unit portrait then click the Definition button.
  • Why is the automation running on more units than I want?
    • Make sure that units that are not meant to be in the loadout definition are excluded. Automation will run on all included units, not just the units in the visible filter. To exclude all units, select “All Units” in the unit filter, and click the Remove All button. Then manually add the units you wish to include in the loadout.
  • Why did my loadout pull mods off my good characters?
    • Applying a loadout will set the mods to the characters in the loadout. Its possible that the characters in the loadouts have mods that are assigned to other characters. Partial loadouts (usually a squad or two) are usually used to events, such as LSTB, DSTB, Raids, etc, where the loadout is applied and then a baseline loadout is reverted.
  • I’m running automation and the progress bar keeps going backwards, what’s happening?
    • You may have selected “Reorder on failed target” or “Attempt desired targets”. If either of the options are selected, a unit may be attempted multiple times. This can cause the automation to retry units at a different position and result in progress re-calculating.
  • Why is my automation taking so long?
    • Several factors can cause automation to take a long time – multiple stat targets, stat weights that don’t match stat targets and stat targets that are overly aggressive for the users roster.
      • Multiple stat targets do slow the system down but are inevitable. You can help the system out by specifying set and primary restrictions, but at times this may not be desired.
      • Making sure stat weights roughly match the difficulty of the stat targets will help improve the speed of automation. The tool “grades” each mod based on the stat weights and trying to find a set with the highest graded mods first. If you set a high stat target for say Potency, but leave the stat weight at 0, it wont get to the potency mods till deep into the calculation.
      • Overly aggressive stat targets paired with auto reorder on failed target can cause a high degree of attempted reshuffling. Consider not using this option or removing targets on lower units if performance is prohibitive.
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