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Playground Save

Users can save their loadout by selecting File->Save tab.

  • Loadout Name – a short, descriptive name of the loadout.
  • Loadout Category – short category for the loadout. You will be able to filter on this field in the Loadouts component of HotUtils. Using categories like “LSTB” or “DSTB” will make it easier to find loadouts.
  • Loadout Description – used to provide short notes about the loadout that will be displayed on the loadout card in the Loadouts component;
  • Use all characters in loadout? – option can be used to determine which unit configuration are included in the loadout. If you are creating a loadout for a specific squad, it is best to leave this unchecked. Select only the units that you wish to move mods with when this loadout is applied, and it will save you credits when applying the loadout.
  • Include loadout definition – option that allows the user to include the loadout definition inside the loadout. This option should usually be left checked because subsequent uses of the Playground can use this meta-data to re-optimize their mods. Future tools may also use this data to determine areas where you are lacking mod depth. If you are a remodder, and do not wish to share what you consider “modding secrets” you can leave this unchecked.
  • Push to game – check if you want the loadout to be pushed to game after saving. The loadout will only be pushed to game if you have enough credits and mod space to perform to move. If you do not, the loadout will still be saved, but you will need to evaluate requirements in the Loadouts component.
    NOTE: You get no preview of the amount of credits required, be careful, this might be expensive!
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