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Unit Filtering

Units can be filtered by using the Inc and select drop down in the upper right corner. This filtering will apply to the following pages:

  • Mod Unit
  • Review
  • Template->Requirements Summary

When the Inc (Included) checkbox is selected, only included units are displayed. Click the “Add All” button to add all units that would be visible.

Standard faction filters exist and additional filters to help narrow down moding problems:

  • Failed Requirement – displays only units that have failed required stat targets, primary or set restrictions.
  • Failed Desired Requirement – display only units that have failed requirements and desired requirements
  • Completed – display all units that have been “Locked” and have not had mods taken from them
  • De-Completed – display units that were marked “Locked” but had mods taken from them after locking the unit. This should not occur from automation, but can occur during manually moding of a character
  • Incomplete – Display all units not show in completed and de-completed (all non locked units).
  • Missing Mods – Display all units that do not have all six mods set
  • Broken Sets – Display all units that are not completing full mod sets. For instance, a character that has four speed mods, a health mod and a tenacity mod. This unit completes the speed set, but leaves the second set “broken”
  • Illegal Mods – Display all units assigned to characters that cannot equip those mods. This usually occurs when a loadout contains a mod that was sliced to rarity six that is assigned a character that is below gear 12.
  • Changed – Displays all units that have different mods assigned in game as in the loadout. This filter can be used to see what mods would move if the loadout was applied in game.
  • Need Leveling – Display all units that have mods below level 15 assigned.
  • Has stat targets – Display all units that have required or desired stat targets set
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