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Unit Prioritization

Units can be prioritized in the Mods->Basic view by dragging and dropping the units into a new order. Unit prioritization is important to set to allow the automation tools to assign the best mods to the most important units.

A default unit prioritization order can be locked by clicking the “Save Order” button. Any time a new modding session is started, or settings are reset the units will revert to this prioritization order. This order can also be manually restored by clicking the Restore Order button.

The Order by Speed button will resort your units if they have minimum speed targets. Units that require the most +Speed will be prioritized the highest. Speed sets and arrows are factored into this calculation by looking at the units loadout definition set restrictions. If the unit is allowed to use a speed set and speed arrow, these amounts will not be considered part of the “required speed”.

Unit prioritization can also be set when importing a loadout definition that someone has shared. Some times the creator of the loadout definition knows that certain units will be the most important or difficult to mod, and set them higher in the prioritization order. If you wish to retain this order, make sure to check the “Import u

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