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Attack Phase

– Description:

– The HotBot has an intensive TW Capability over the course of each of its multiple phases. The Third phase, also known as the Attack phase, will consist of your heaviest usage throughout TW. Upon phase three opening the following commands need to be performed in the following order:

  • The HotBot Command update will update your entire guilds profile. This will also expose the front two walls. NOTE: if using the Bot, vice the website, the update command will be need to ran each time a zone is cleared to display the next zone.
  • The HotBot Command zones will list out all 10 zones, but only show the zones which are available to be seen.

– The HotUtils Website has a viewable map that will allow you to quickly review each territory that is visible with the units and their stats of defensive units placed by your opponent. NOTE: When accessing the HotUtils Website, it BREAKS your game session.

– Patreon Access:

Habanero Level

– Command Syntax:

<code> update zones</code>

– Command Options:

open <Zone Number> – Opens zone for guild members to request their attacks.
available <Zone Number> – Will list out all squads for the specified zone with the highest speed character in that squad. NOTE: The open command must be performed first.
request <Squad Number> <Team Name> – Guild Members request to TW Officers which squad number to attack with your counter team.
win <banner count> – Guild member reports they won their fight with the number of banners they achieved.
loss <# of characters defeated> <TM preloaded y/n> – Guild member reports they loss their fight, the number of characters they defeated [if any] and if TM is preloaded. twanalyze – Displays a readout of each zone with the unit, number of kills, successful defends, first attack efficiency and banners lost.

– Examples:

open 1
available 1
request 26 Traya
win 20
loss 3 y

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