Welcome to the Hotutils Support

Hotutils has grown in the last few years. Grown to a point where the support is too much for just one person to handle, especially when this person has to do the development for this tool as well. With a lot of new functionality coming we decided the support needed an upgrade too. So hereby the Hotutils Support desk. You can create tickets here which will first go through a couple of helpful Hotutils users who have loads of experience with the bot. If they can not help you the ticket will be forwarded to Hotsauce or another developer.

Tier 1 Support
Svirve: svirve#2740
Daffy Duck: Daffy Duck#4824
Hotstuff: hotstuff#2470
Rangkor : Rangkor#9176
Shades : calpha#7056
Prim : Prim#0066

Tier 2 Support
Hotsauce : Hotsauce#4756

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