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Guild Tickets

– Description:

The ticket event allows for guilds to manage missing tickets to a much easier extent by tagging and/or DMing [in discord] people who are not at maximum tickets.


FIRST: You must have successfully logged into the HotUtils website https://www.hotutils.app/ either using google or a Facebook connection.

Once complete, a simple test is seeing if the bot is responding to the !tickets command

When a ticket check occurs it creates a session, that will BREAK your in game session; furthermore, when manually running a ticket session using the tickets function it will BREAK your in game session. Especially if you are using the automated schedule feature, be aware of this at the time and make sure you do not find yourself punted out of an important battle!
This only affects the user who is running or scheduled the automated event

NOTE: All members of your guild must be registered to HotBot to record all ticket producers. This can be accomplished in two ways: 1) An officer manually registers everyone or 2) Each person registers themselves.

– Patreon Access:

    Chile and up

– Command Syntax:        


– Command Options:

Member Management:
whounregistered can be used to manage getting everyone registered to the bot.

Admins can use register AllyCode @DiscordTag to register other people with the bot themselves.

registeraltunregisteraltalts can be used by user or admins on users behalf, to add alternate ally codes of people have multiple game accounts to one discord account.

settimezone <+/-># [description] -> Configures the system to respond to you in your own time zone
Example: !settimezone -6 [MST] (set your time zone to UTC-6 hours and label it MST)

eventtypes -> List the type of events available to you

addevent <EventType> <Optional @DiscordTag> <Optional NoDM> <Optional NoEXCUSED>
Example 1: addevent TicketCheck 3:00PM @Officers – Create a ticket check event to fire at 3PM in your defined time zone, DM the users who are short and also tag the officers if the system cannot find any of the players discord tags.
Example 2: addevent TicketCheck 3:00PM @Officers NoDM NoEXCUSED – Create a ticket check event to fire at 3PM in your defined time zone, and do not DM users, instead tag them in the channel where the event has been scheduled. Do not include excused members in this event. Also tag the officers if the system cannot find any of the players discord tags.
Example 3: addevent TicketRecord 3:55PM – Create a ticket record event that does a final check for players who are short on tickets, and record those player violations for future reporting.

events – lists events setup for your guild

deleteevent <EventId> – deletes the specified event

violations <Optional Clear> <Optional @DiscordTag or AllyCode> <Optional Violation Type 1> <Optional Violation Type 2>…
Example 1: violations – list a summary of all guild violations by player, to date.
Example 2: violations @Player – list a violation history for the specified player. (Note: you can use an ally code in a private channel)
Example 3: violations clear – clear all violations from the system.
Example 4: violations @Player clear – clear all violations from the system for the specified player.

When you have listed violations for a specific player, you may take the # from the left and use it with:
deleteviolation <ViolationId> – Deletes a violation for a specific user using the specified ViolationId.

If you ever needed to manually add a violation to someone for some reason, that as well can be done with:
addviolation TicketRecord <@DiscordTag or AllyCode>

If your guild has a different ticket threshold, say 500, you can set this with setviolationthreshold 500

If you want to excuse a member from violation recordings or warnings for a period of time, you may use the excuse system:
addexcused <@DiscordTag or AllyCode> – adds a player to the excused list
deleteexcused <@DiscordTag or AllyCode> – deletes a player from the excused list
excused – lists all players that are currently excused

addmanualevent (exact same options as addevent but you do not need to specify a time)
runevent # (You can obtain the # from your events list)

– Examples:

– Screenshots:

Missing Tickets Example
Event Management Tools ListViolations Tools List

– Frequently Asked Questions

– Are there any limitations with this function?

     You will BREAK your current in game session when this function is used manually/automatic.

– What are some common issues you might experience trying to use this function?


– What is the command syntax prefix?

    On the HotUtil Discord Server it is $; on outside channels it defaults to !, but it can be changed using the default command syntax followed by hotprefix followed by the symbol you want to utilize as your new default command syntax prefix.
    If performing any function within a DM window with the bot, no command function syntax is required.
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