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Special Mission Report

– Description:

The HotBot Command //specialmission// lists which members have not attempted their special mission in the current phase.

– Patreon Access:

Habanero Level

– Command Syntax:


– Command Options:

update – Utilized to force update which members have not yet attempted their special mission in the current phase. notify – Sends a DM in discord for those who have not yet attempted the special mission in the current phase.

– Examples:

specialmission update notify

– Frequently Asked Questions

– Are there any limitations with this function?


– What are some common issues you might experience trying to use this function?


– What is the command syntax prefix?

On the HotUtil Discord Server it is $; on outside channels it defaults to !, but it can be changed using the default command syntax followed by hotprefix followed by the symbol you want to utilize as your new default command syntax prefix. If performing any function within a DM window with the bot, no command function syntax is required.

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