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THE FOLLOWING COMMANDS ARE CURRENTLY FOR HABANERO FEATURE GUILDS ONLY (Habanero subscriber or 4 chiles in guild) COMMANDS rancor : Rancor raid damage/tracker tool raidhistory : Raid history and rotation management tool (alias: raidreport) checkin: Check in player for raids checkout: Check out player for raids checkedin: Lists checked in players and can notify/tag them (aliases: here, present) CHECK IN SYSTEM This can be used to allow guild members to check in and check out to signify there ability to do damage, then allow admins to tag the checked in users. It also supports a seperate flag of “Raid Locked” on check in as well. Examples: To check in as a player: $checkin To check in your alt: $checkin /1 Admin to list: $checkedin Admin to send a message to all checked in players: $checkedin notify PLEASE START YOUR ATTACKS Admin to reset the checked in list: $checkedin reset

Percentage – The percentage of damage you are holding (valid values from 0.01 to 100)
Abort – Cancels recorded damage being held (alias: Cancel)
Post – Posts recorded damage being held (alias: Save)
UpdateWARNING CONNECTION BREAK Pulls the current outstanding percentage from the game and applies it (alias: Pull)

Status – Lists all damage being held by player (alias: Summary, Pending, Report)
Release – Notify all players to post their damage up to 100% total (alias: Notify)
Reset – Ends the current phase and resets held and posted percentages
Posted – Override the posted percentage to the value specified Current – Override the current outstanding percentage to the value specified

User Examples:
Report 10% held damage: $rancor 10
Cancel held damage: $rancor abort

Admin examples: List all currently held damage: $rancor status
Update current posted damage from game data: $rancor update
Release all held users for attack: $rancor release

——————————— RAID HISTORY TOOL This tool can be used to analyze previous raid history for a guild, and even can be used for helping to manage damage rotations in the new rancor challenge. (See examples)
Note: As of Jan 7, 2021 it has began collecting data during guild data updates ($update command, ticket checks, etc). This will pickup on 1 previous raid results, but then begin collection going forward.
<Calculation> – The calculation to perform [AVERAGE, TOTAL] <Stat> – The stat to perform on [TOP#, DAMAGE, RANK] <Raids#> – The number of previous raids to include OPTIONAL ENTRY:
<All> – Normally only displays current guild members, specifying all will display historical members as well
<ShowZero> – Specify to show zero value players
<Optional Other> – When used in combination with TOP#, shows the players who were not in the top (alias: notin)
<Optional Notify> – Specify to tag the players in the list EXAMPLES Report who was in the top 10 in the previous 3 raids: $raidhistory RANCOR_CHALLENGE TOTAL TOP10 3 Report and tag all players who were not in the top 20 in the previous 3 raids: $raidhistory RANCOR_CHALLENGE TOTAL TOP20 3 Other Notify Report total damage done in raid for previous 5 raids: $raidhistory RANCOR_CHALLENGE TOTAL DAMAGE 5

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