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Compare Patreon

– Description:

The HotBot Command //ga// compares various (generally PvP relevant) statistics of your roster against all players in your current GA bracket. Your roster’s statistics are listed in the left hand column, and all other players are listed successively towards the right.
The HotBot Command //gacurrent// compares various (generally PvP relevant) statistics of your roster against your current opponent in GA. Your roster’s statistics are listed in the left hand column, and your opponents is listed successively towards the right.

– Any statistic of your roster that is the best compared to the other players being compared with are highlighted in green.

– Any statistics of the other players that are better than yours are highlighted in red.

– Gold / Silver / Bronze stars are used to identify the players with the best, second best, and third best of that statistic across all compared players.

– Players who are already registered with HotBot may be identified by their Discord tag instead of their ally code.

– Patreon Access:All Patreon Levels

– Command Syntax:



– Command Options:

update – Utilized to force update your compare from CG servers; use if you’re seeing the wrong opponents.

– Examples:

ga or ga update

gacurrent or gacurrent update

– Screenshots:

– Frequently Asked Questions?

– Are there any limitations with this function?

• A maximum of 15 characters can be personally added.

• Non-Patreon users are limited to 1 comparison per day.

– What are some common issues you might experience trying to use this function?

• You will receive an error if you try and add too many characters.

• You can potentially see your previous GA opponent(s) in the compare if using the patreon function; if this happens add update after the command syntax.

• By default profiles are allowed to grow until they are 24 hours old.

The update directive will ensure it is current and straight from CG servers.

– What is the command syntax prefix?

• On the HotUtil Discord Server it is $; on outside channels it defaults to !, but can be changed by using the command syntax followed by hotprefix followed by the symbol you want to utilize (I.E. – !hotprefix %).

• If performing any function within a DM window with the bot, no command function syntax is required. Certain functions are unable to be performed in a DM.

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