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LD: Sets

Complete\Broken Sets

A complete set achieved when all six mods contribute to set bonuses.

Automation can be used to enforce full sets through use of setting can be found on the “Settings” tab labelled “Don’t break mod sets”. Selecting this option will force all units to complete set bonuses for their characters.

You can configure this setting on a per unit basis by clicking on the unit portrait and selecting the sets tab.

  • Use global setting – selecting this option will default the unit to the global automation settings for allowing broken sets.
  • No broken sets – selecting this option will override the global setting and force the unit to complete all sets.
  • Allow broken sets – selecting this option will override the global setting and allow the unit to break sets. This is sometimes used for units who need to be very fast at the expense of all other stats.

Target Sets

Which types of sets can be used by a unit are configured by clicking the unit portrait and selecting the sets tab. The following three options allow the user to configure exactly which sets will be used by the unit:

  • Must Use All – all sets selected in this group must be completed or the unit will be in violation. Selecting Speed and Health for instance will account for all six mod slots and exactly specify the sets for the character. Selecting too many sets in this section may make it impossible to satisfy the condition. Selecting both Speed and Offense would create an impossible to fulfill requirement. You can specify multiple sets for two piece sets by clicking the set multiple times and adding additional stars to the set. Each star represents the number of sets that must be completed.
  • Must Use Any – the unit must complete any one of the sets selected in the list. The unit does not need to complete all of them and still be in compliance.
  • No Outside Sets – the unit cannot complete any set that is selected. The unit can use mods from those sets, but cannot complete the set.


Speed an Health

  • Must Use All: Speed, Health

Crit Damage or Offense and Health or Crit Chance

  • Must Use Any: Crit Damage, Offense
  • No Outside Sets: Crit Damage, Offense, Health, Crit Chance
  • No broken sets

Two health and one Defense Set

  • Must Use All: Health (two stars), Defense (one star)

Health and Potency and (Health or Potency)

  • No Outside Sets: Health, Potency
  • No broken sets

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